Chizoba “Dr. Zee” Madueke, Ph.D.

Is the founder and the Principal Consultant at Natha-Nuel Management Group, LLC., a Professor of Research Methods, Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, in the United States of America. A former vice president and director of operations with over 20 years of applied/theoretical management, leadership and organizational changes/realignment expertise, with vast international experiences. He brings both practical and theoretical experiences to client/student-centered collaborative consulting/teaching platforms.

Dr. Zee is a professional, productive, self-sufficient, efficient, effective consultant, business leader, chair, advisor, and mentor that serves to elevate businesses, individuals, and helps others achieve their goals and life missions. He is the author of Regressive Leadership and Governance (2010), co-author of Youth Entrepreneurship: from job search to business ownership and self-sufficiency (March, 2017), Approaches to Empirical and Theoretical Research Studies: a guide to conducting researches (March, 2018), and has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed journal articles.

Phillip L. Davidson, Ph.D.

Dr. Phillip Davidson (Dr. Phil) earned his PhD in Human and Organization Systems and has been actively involved in higher education for 20 years and specialized in business and healthcare where technology impacts those fields. He has designed curriculum for nursing, healthcare administration, business, and education courses while trying to institutionalize the use of data analytics and new technologies to assess engagement and development.

Dr. Phillip essentially “evolved” out of healthcare and became heavily involved with healthcare information systems (HIS) in the early days of such systems and continue my involvement in that field even today, both nationally and internationally. He has worked with the National Healthcare Systems (NHS) in the UK, Australia and Chad. One of his favorite topics to teach is Globalization of Healthcare and his research expertise is in forecasting which has earned him a membership of the International Pool of Experts (IPE) for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2018 he assisted in reviewing Delphi research proposals focused on research in Africa, funded by the Ministry. Professor Davidson is also an expert member of TechCast Global (, a “think tank” and consulting organization, also focused on dealing with “the flood of poor information” and seeking to provide help and guidance.