Building Electoral Confidence in Nigeria Through The Use of SMS

Confidence in Nigeria electoral process can be measured by the electorates’ feeling of being part of the process and their democratic choices unhindered. One way to secure increased electoral confidence is to enable them access to correct, timely, and unadulterated information. Short Message Service (SMS) is a form of direct information that involves the use of cellular telephones and other social media platforms to share information fast and direct.

Enhancing Faster Electoral Information Dissemination

Presently, the major means of reaching the masses for election purposes is through a structured political campaign. The language used in communicating to the electorate is a key component of campaign strategy—which can be likened to gaming strategies. This study assessed the relationship between applying direct mail to improve Nigeria’s voters’ knowledge, awareness, trust and unbiased mind-sets.

Food Security in Nigeria through Appropriate Processing and Preservation Technology

Food processing dates to the prehistoric age when food items not immediately consumed in whole undergo crude processing of slaughtering, fermenting, sun drying, cooking, salting, and others such as roasting, smoking, steaming, and oven baking. Modern food processing technology also includes vacuum bottling technique and pasteurization, and it has been extended to biotechnological treatment of food precursors and microorganisms whose actions on food items result in deterioration.

Knowledge Management-An Antidote for Combacting Electoral Violence in Nigeria

Election violence in Nigeria became prominent during the transition to Independence from Great Britain as a result parliamentary elections that was to elect Nigerians into the regional and national parliaments. Most political violence is often a direct result of inflammatory messages by political elites as clearly was the case in the murder of a British member of parliament, Jo Cox, because ofher stance against “Brexit” from the European Union ( Act of violence are reflections of intolerance to the political process and unwillingness to accept the results of a democratic decision in good faith.