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corporate relocation servicesHuman migration has been there since creation. Need for survival, search for market to dispose or acquire cheaply what is missing at home gave birth to both increased migration and outsourcing (fashore and nearshore). As volume of trade expand, and consumption explode need for more frequent exchange of goods and services led to globalisation. consequent upon this and at an increasing speed, circular migration has become the norm as migrants maintain contact with both host and home countries. Relocation and Migration has come with challenges, from cultural shock to adaptation and acceptability issue for all involved. ASMAC is the right address for resolution to lingering migration issues. Before your departure, we work with local migration agencies in nearly all countries to provide one-stop-shop comprehensive country analysis to you intending skilled labour migrants including inside information about work countract and emolument issues. Other forms of migrants also recieve detailed briefing about their country of interest before they embark on the move to migrate. Knowing what to expect is one good early step, managing early arrival and bridging the early shock is another step which we specialise in easing you through. We work with imigration services to provide migrants, both skilled, unskilled including those seeking refuge in another country the required "on-the-spot-information" and coaching including "how-it-is-done-here" orientation support. We provide initial language orientation to migrants and follow up integration assistance including relocation and accommodation.

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