Chairman Remark

Dr. Remi Alao, DM
It is my pleasure to share with you the personal and professional inspiration behind the establishment of ASMAC (Alao Strategic Management Center) and the unique value that the organization's management training and research activities can offer you. ASMAC for short is an adaptive, human resources and knowledge management organization. At ASMAC, we believe everyone has gotten some knowledge of sort, how useful, applicable, and adaptable the owner of such knowledge is for them to achieve the desired goals at a point in time is the issue that needs attention. This is the reason we focus on working with individuals, groups, public, and private organizations to review and update whatever resources / knowledge that is available to them so they can achieve their maximum efficiency.

At ASMAC we offer three distinct services:

  1. Training and Seminar through our management institute - Alao Strategic Management Institute - ASMI
  2. Consulting and Counselling Services through our research center - Alao Strategic Management and Research Center - ASMARC
  3. Migration Services - Globalisation has brought increased movement of human resources. Most of the people that volunterily or involuntarily relocate often do not have enough reliable information about their targen destination and this has often resulted in initial shock for both the host and the guest. Through our migration service we provide global support for migrants of different categories - Regular Migrants, Expert Migrants, Migrants for Asylum reasons, Migrants for Family Reasons, Seasonal Migrants

ASMAC is blessed with experienced industry leaders. In addition to many years of experience in a wide range of management, human resources, and developmental fields, each of our experts has spent at least two decades of active knowledge gaining and sharing in different aspect of consulting life. This has not only resulted in adding values to the leadership and management world in general but has also enabled them to study the works of other world's leading management gurus which form part of the fundamentals of their own individual management paradigm. For any meaningful growth to take place, there is need to take queues from every success and failure that one comes across, be it personal or that of someone else. This approach should be a life-long exercise until an ultimately sustainable management and leadership apogee is reached. This point, in my view is the ultimate goal of every organization leadership; public or corporate.  Even at the management apex, their is no relaxation because "change" is the only permanent phenomenal! At the most successful point of any endeavor, there is need for continuous improvement to be in turn with the change which is inevitable

Less than 20% of what is learned in a conventional learning environment ultimately contributes to a knowledge that is successfully transferred to clients if applied on as-it-is basis. Sustainable knowledge that is successfully transferred with multiplier effect comes through flexibility to understand and adapt to every prevailing environment through a set of personal and professional principles that are continuously being evaluated.

In this age of virtual reality (VI), augmented reality (AR),and knowledge-based environment, lack of information is no longer the problem but information over-supply, and in most cases skewed and fake information for that matter. In a globally networked environment information is cheap, it is everywhere and instantly available. Getting education from this information over-kill is expensive and getting useful education for sustainable development is far too expensive but therein lays the solution!!

As we navigate through the jungle of information overload, we need to pose the questions: What is critical to the success we desire and what is not? Successful manager understands that three approaches are necessary to maintain success story, they include: how do I navigate through the information jungle without losing all my energy to find a pin in hay stack, how do I apply the extracted knowledge to the best interest of my organization, how do I maintain the momentum of keeping eagles eye for sustainable management of the organization I work with.

ASMAC is positioned as a niche management research and training organization. We are the only Institution in Switzerland that offers all our services mainly in English language. Our training services are provided using both online based and classroom platforms and all courses are certified. Our ICT training lead to professional certification in information and communication technology. We provide immigration services in the area of migrants’ information and settlement, integration and relocation.

Dr. Remi Alao, DM